Joining OUWO

OUWO is an auditioning ensemble with auditions primarily taking place at the start of each academic year. OUWO selects players through the Oxford University Music Society (OUMS) Orchestral auditions, whereby students perform one audition in front a panel of representatives from the different orchestras, although you can select a preference as to which Orchestra you would like to be in (i.e. OUWO!). After a successful audition, students are then offered a place in one of these orchestras. However, spaces in OUWO do sometimes become available during the year and so we will hold auditions as and when necessary.

The next big round of auditions will take place at the beginning of Michaelmas term in 2019 (October), but if you would like to audition before then, or for more information, contact us or email | OU Orchestra | OU Philharmonia | OU Sinfonietta | OU Chorus | OU Wind Orchestra | OU String Ensemble | OU Brass Band | OU Jazz Orchestra | OUCMS